Shaping pharmaceutical risk share & outcomes based, innovative contracting in U.S. & Global markets

Stisali provide nothing but pharmaceutical payer contracting services for managed markets


Preparing for outcomes based, innovative contracting

Develop your team's skills to excel in a changing payer landscape driven by risk share and outcomes based contracting. 

Run by experienced payer experts, Stisali's Academies are ideal for improving innovative contract construction and implementation skills across the organization.

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Upcoming Academies:

The US OBIC Academy

Specific Academies include:

Payer Engagement Academy

Equip commerical teams with the skills to talk the payer's language

Executive OBIC Academy

Develop executives & marketers to create effective pharmaceutical risk share, outcomes based, innovative contracts


Creating outcomes based, innovative contracts

In a modern payer world, where demonstrating value through outcomes based, innovative contracts is the future, Stisali's consultancy services provide clients with leading edge solutions.

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Researching pharmaceutical outcomes based, innovative contracts

Utilize Stisali's in-depth payer knowledge from across mature managed markets to influence new risk share and outcomes based value propositions.

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Start improving innovative contracting - today.