Executive OBIC Academy

The Academy to take your organization into the future of pharmaceutical contracting

Develop executives & marketers to create effective pharmaceutical risk share, outcomes based, innovative contracts

This course uses managed market experts and experienced payers to take delegates through a proven, proprietary process for developing outcomes based, innovative contracts (OBICs). By attending this Academy your organization will learn how to create pioneering OBICs suitable for any therapy area or market. Subjects covered:

  • Market & therapy analysis
  • Identifying payer, provider & patient hooks
  • Isolating key market drivers
  • Mapping hooks to drivers to create broad IBOC levers
  • Blending OBIC levers & generating the narrative
  • Final contract development
  • Effective OBIC roll out & implementation

The Academy is an experiential event with workshops and exercises managed by experts who have created OBICs across U.S. & Global markets. This two-day course is structured using a progressive, modular, approach to aid the development of all delegates.

Benefit by attending this course so you can: 

  • Enter the mind set of different payer groups
  • Learn what works & what doesn’t
  • Create more aligned value propositions
  • Generate new ideas to optimize your market access
  • Network with industry colleagues and experienced payers
  • Overall, maximize your market access effectiveness

Due to the module, progressive nature of this Academy, it is ideal for: 

  • VPs with an ambition to evolve market access
  • Experienced market access marketers
  • Senior pharmaceutical personnel with managed markets or market access management responsibility 
  • Experienced pharmaceutical personnel looking to up skill in risk share
  • Regional Account Directors with significant pricing & access responsibility

Both syndicated and customized courses are available. 

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