Payer Engagement Academy

An essential Academy for any commercial team with payer responsibility

Equip commerical teams with the skills to talk the payer's language

This Academy provides insight on the payer's psychology in relation to value proposition construction and deployment. Delegates will exclusively gain the payer's perspective on:

  • Payer psychology to innovation & value
  • Payer decision making processes
  • Reimbursement priorities
  • Increased role of indication based formularies
  • The payer’s view on health economic principles
  • How payers see cost effectiveness, cost benefit & cost utility
  • What your Budget Impact Models says & what the payer thinks
  • How payers translate product value into their healthcare settings
  • What are the essential requirements for:
    • Medicines evaluation
    • Managed entry of new medicines
    • Reimbursement models
  • Increasing role of payers in policing prescribing restrictions

The Academy is an experiential event with workshops and exercises managed by experienced payers.

Benefit by attending this course so you can: 

  • Enter the mind set of your customers
  • Create better value propositions
  • Build confidence in delivering value messages
  • Effectively implement value propositions with different payer groups
  • Network with industry colleagues and experienced payers
  • Overall, optimize your payer effectiveness

This course is ideal for:

  • Managed markets teams with national or regional responsibility
  • Sales teams with a level of payer engagement
  • Marketers with local & regional market access responsibility
  • Anyone with an interest in understanding the payer perspective

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