The OBIC Academy

Learn new skills and gain fresh perspectives in risk sharing and value based pricing in the USA

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Join Stisali’s payer experts

Develop your organization’s ability to create effective outcomes based, innovative contracts (OBICs)

Attend this unique, one-day, US-specific Academy and benefit from knowing how to:

  • Incorporate payer psychology in your OBIC construction
  • Identify the payer hooks, levers & measures which will work
  • Assess & circumnavigate OBIC challenges
  • Engineer & own a customized OBIC development process
  • Apply lessons already learnt from mature managed markets
  • Implement OBICs effectively

The OBIC Academy is:

  • A unique opportunity for those wishing to drive strategic advantage
  • An enjoyable, experiential learning event
  • Delivered by payers & experts with US plus global OBIC experience

Learning outcomes

By attending this course you will:

  • Understand the language, key principles and methods of outcomes based contracting
  • Acquire new skills, enabling you to develop highly effective OBICs from 1st principles
  • Learn how to integrate OBICs in product development, pre-marketing and post launch
  • Gain insight into the perspective of payers on OBICs
  • Ensure alignment of OBICs with marketing strategies
  • Understand & avoid the pitfalls of outcomes based contracting
  • Gain expert insight & advice from course leaders who have conducted outcomes based contracting in US and Global markets

Why you should attend:

The OBIC Academy is the only course in the United States designed to provide you with practical solutions to assist in the development of value based agreements. Not only will the course equip you with an explanation of how to develop appropriate concepts, it will also show you how to integrate your thinking across the business. Through examples, course leaders reveal the payer’s perspective on innovation, helping you and your organization create OBICs which not only ensure market access but provide offensive strike strategies.

The academy leaders:

Omar Ali

Omar Ali, Visiting Lecturer in Value Based Pricing, Former Advisor to NICE, BSc(Hons)Pharm DipClinPharm MRPharmS ACPP

An NHS pharmacy formulary payer by training, and former advisor to NICE, Omar’s commitments are now split between assisting US manufacturers on OBIC construction and lecturing on Value Based Pricing & Innovative Contracting at the School of Pharmacy, University of Portsmouth, U.K. Omar has advised US Embassy foreign investors on ‘Value Based Assessments’ and recently delivered a Healthcare Reform program to 40 US Healthcare Insurance Providers.

Nick Merryfield

Nick Merryfield, BSc(Hons), Managing Partner & Head of Business Consulting, Stisali Ltd

Nick Merryfield is Stisali’s Managing Partner, responsible for leading the company’s business consulting practice. A former sales and marketing executive for GSK and Boehringer-Ingelheim, Nick left the industry in 1998 to create a new market access organization for EU manufacturers adapting to evermore demanding payer landscapes. Over the last four years Nick has been instrumental in taking the lessons learnt from mature, managed markets and applying them to the US, assisting manufacturers adapt to their increasingly controlled, risk share, outcomes based environment. His main area of specialism is the rapidly developing area of US outcomes based, innovative contracting (OBIC) and payer engagement. Nick delivers academy courses with enthusiasm, passion and unparalleled knowledge.

Is the OBIC Academy for me?

If you & your business asks questions such as:

  • Are OBICs an appropriate strategy?
  • Which drugs in our portfolio/pipeline are best suited?
  • Can we create an effective internal OBIC development process?
  • How do you effectively construct value based concepts, levers & contracts?
  • What are the critical measurement criteria required in a contract?
  • Are there lessons which can be learnt from other markets?
  • What are others in the US really doing with OBIC?
  • How do we improve on our initial OBICs?
  • How to overcome the obstacles?

The OBIC Academy is perfect for you and will provide immense value.

Which roles are most suited?

The OBIC Academy is open to pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical technology manufacturers only. It is ideal for those in national or regional US based roles in Managed Care, Market Access, Pricing, Reimbursement, Contracting or Marketing. Delegates both new and experienced in OBIC development will benefit from the academy.

The course is not specifically aimed at Regulatory, Legal, Medical, Compliance or Finance but personnel from these roles are welcome to attend.

Booking & registration

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Join us for this unique opportunity to learn from payer & managed market experts, each with extensive personal experience in OBIC development across US & Global markets.

If required, company specific OBIC Academies can be organized. Please make contact on for further information.

You will be sent an automatic email confirming your registration followed by a personal email containing a pro-forma invoice and further payment instructions. For assistance in registering, raising a PO or invoicing, please do not hesitate to contact Stisali at or call from the US (609) 474 4811 or outside of the States on +447939 566001

Included in the registration fee:

  • Course material (digital & print versions)
  • Complimentary access to use the Stisali Advanced OBIC Development Process
  • Coffee & refreshments during the course
  • Lunch

If required:

  • One-to-one follow up TC to provide post Academy advice on OBIC implementation progress
  • CPD certificate of attendance

Company Specific OBIC Academies

If required, company specific OBIC Academies can be organized. Please make contact for further information.

Program outline


Coffee & Registration
Introduction to value based pricing (VBP) & OBICs
  • Summary overview from managed markets, key principles, fiscal & clinical models, algorithmic versus organic approaches value based trends with healthcare reimbursement models
  • Where we are today with OBICs in the US?
  • Market research from US payers on drivers, barriers & limits
Process for an OBIC assessment & selection for your brand(s)
  • How an OBIC may be used to support market access strategy & achieve commercial plan
  • Evaluating offensive, defensive & back up OBIC strategies
  • OBIC planning decisions, integrating market access with commercial strategy in defining OBICs
  • Planning phased approaches to OBIC commissioning & delivery
Insight into the “Payer Psychology” of innovation & OBICs
  • Organic generation of the Boston Matrix needs assessment of the 5Ps - payer, physician, provider, pharma & patient
  • Pricing & reimbursement landscapes, mapping current & future timelines
  • How to generate the payer hooks
  • Deconstruction of branded therapies by indication & therapy arena for prioritized ‘build’ for OBIC generation
How to trade & optimize value using an OBIC
  • Alignment of pharma & payer values exercise for assessment & creation of OBIC foundations
  • Variation & deviation between pharma, brands, culture & payer archetypes
Building the “OBIC House”
  • Drawing pharma & payer alignments into the foundations of the risk share OBIC House
  • Critical success imperatives (CSI)s for pharma achieving commercial plan and critical “Payer Pillars” for supporting OBIC
  • Assimilation of negotiable into the “Quarrel House” for OBIC generation
  • Final interweaving of areas of differing Pharma & Payer values with OBIC levers to compete the “Roof” of the OBIC house
Applying “OBIC Levers” - what are they & how to integrate in a contract? 
  • OBIC levers & precedent setting with previous risk share agreements
  • Blending OBIC levers with previously generated “payer hooks” and integration with brand narrative
  • Pressure testing OBIC levers on pharma & Payer CSIs
  • Timelines & duration of OBICs
Generation of the final contract
  • Effective onboarding of the wider business – managing key stakeholders
  • Final contract creation – including indication variance
  • Differential splitting – US payer archetype alignment
  • How to mitigate competitor response
  • Managing OBIC barriers - anti-kickback statute/safe harbor, effect on ASP etc. & internal red lines
Effective OBIC deployment
  • Assessment of where the ‘science hits the math’ - betting on the numbers
  • Assessment of target payers & ID of pilot sites for deployment based on ‘potential & propensity’
  • Managing pharma/payer mediation & field implementation

Learning Methodology

Omar Ali and Nick Merryfield are highly experienced in leading highly interactive, discursive sessions and will actively engage participants. The Academy is an experiential event which will move at a fast pace and contain several exercises throughout the day to help convert theory into practice.

One of the most valuable aspects of attending The Academy, is not only being able to have your specific questions answered by a leading expert, but also having the opportunity to share experiences and create in-depth discussions with your peers. However, we realize this is a competitive environment and The Academy has been constructed such that participants do not need share any confidential information of any nature.

The typical audience size of our courses ranges from 8 - 12 participants.


Cancellation policy

If you are unable to attend this course we are happy for you to send a substitute or for you to transfer your ticket to the next available event. Our refund policy is:

  • Cancellation >60 days before the event, 50% refund
  • Cancellation >30 days before the event, no refund
  • If a registrant postpones their participation to a future course, and cancels again, no refund can be claimed for paid registration fees

To cancel your place please write directly to or call direct on (609) 474 4811. To receive a refund by email it is imperative you gain an electronic response back from Stisali to confirm receipt.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the OBIC Academy please do not hesitate to make contact via:

(609) 474 4811 (USA)
+447939 556001 (International)

About Stisali

Stisali Ltd are managed market experts, exclusively specializing in risk share and outcomes based, innovative contracting (OBICs). Targeted on changing payer landscapes, the company’s approach uses insight and experience gained from mature managed markets to create innovative US contracts which deliver a four way win for patients, payers, providers and manufacturers. The company operates globally and has extensive experience in the US market place.

Setting Stisali aside from competitors is the companies heritage. Founded by current and former payers, Stisali talks the payer’s language, enabling it to gain the inside track on creating successful OBICs. Through a collegiate approach, the Stisali payer team and extended network is personally selected by the company’s founding pharmacist and clinical partners. Stisali is deeply respectful and understanding of the ways in which payers think, feel and act. This unique relationship allows Stisali to bring unparalleled insights to its Academies.