Creating outcomes based, innovative contracts

Developing risk share models to create improved outcomes for patients, payers and manufacturers

Integrate Stisali’s managed markets expertize into your internal teams and create outcomes based, innovative contracts that deliver results. 

Our services include:

The Complete OBIC Journey

Stisali’s flagship approach to helping clients develop outcomes based, innovative contracts (OBICs) relevant to their therapy area and market. Refined in the mature managed markets of Europe, the process is now of considerable importance to clients in the rapidly controlled payer landscapes of the U.S. and Asia.

Based on a proven, propriety process, Stisali's experts take clients on a product and market specific journey. Traversing payer psychology, provider needs, market drivers, competitor analysis and the patient pathway, Stisali's OBIC process is second to none. 

Using experienced payers, each with considerable personal involvement in OBIC construction, the process maps stakeholder demands to produce OBIC levers which are blended into a precise contract output - capable of defending market position or ensuring access. Final stages can involve stress testing, legal contract considerations, assisting with regulatory approval and field force roll out.

The Complete OBIC Journey delivers results that go far beyond traditional market access strategies. 

"This OBIC Journey provided us with a level of knowledge and assistance that we didn't believe existed in the U.S. Stisali has the ability to understand and translate experiences from Global to the U.S. placing their approach in a league of its own. SO far, it has produced two extremely valuable, novel, innovative contracts." 

Head of Managed Markets, North America, Top Ten pharmaceutical company 

Value proposition review

With many years of the customer’s perspective in reviewing patient access and managed entry schemes, we are happy to review your present market access value propositions. 

Payer insight

If you require payer input into the production or assessment of your risk share, innovative based, outcomes contracts or reimbursement strategies, our portfolio of payers and experts from across major markets can be called upon.

Local value proposition communication

A great outcomes based, innovative contract is nothing without effective implementation. To assist, Stislai provides customized account manager Academies which provide delegates with the confidence and ability to speak the language of payers. Attendance at a Stisali Payer Engagement Academy means company value propositions can be effectively communicated. 

U.S. <> Europe <> Asia

Our international know-how is considerable. If you are in the U.S. or Asia wanting to translate how Europe has effectively implemented risk share, or in Europe wanting to improve on best practise, our advanced capability will help you.

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