Outcomes Based, Innovative Contracting Research

Application of payer knowledge delivers levels of unprecedented customer insight

ICC - innovative contract compendium

A detailed and enriching library of real-life outcomes based contracts between manufacturers and payers across the EU, U.S. & Asia. The compendium is augmented with a deeper layer of commentary and insight drawn from direct interviews with respective payers, each of whom were intimately involved with a contract’s generation, development and/or implementation. The compendium allows payers and manufacturers to:

  • Understand what has worked, what has not worked & why?
  • Initiate a road map for a successful outcomes based contract
  • Act as a catalyst to bring payer & manufacturers together to explore value concepts
  • Identify early potential pitfalls in proposed models
  • Explore the psychology, mindsets & practicalities of different approaches

Each case study presents the:

  • Scenario – market position & therapy arena
  • Methodology
  • Results & outcomes from both sides
  • Detailed payer’s perspective on the contract 

RRAS - retained rapid advisory support

A propriety service providing you with immediate access to a retained Stisali bank of international payers. By using RRAS you will benefit from being able to accurately and quickly answer innovative contracting business questions in most regions across the world.

War game & scenario simulation

Want to plan out your options, think through the possibilities and forecast the consequences? Need to get direct payer perspectives on your outcomes based, innovative contracts? Or, what about working through the impact of local ICER decisions with payers? Let our scenario simulation workshops take you on a journey. Work with experienced payers, learn how they think, understand what they need to know and work out the correct option to choose - in advance.

Personalized contracting research

Our personalized contracting research specializes in taking best practice from highly managed European markets and applying our findings to the rapidly evolving U.S. and Asian payer landscapes. This customized approach to research is an extension of ICC and allows you to be highly targetted in your methodology and translation.   

Real World Data & analysis

Through our sister organization, WorldDataOnline, we provide comprehensive data analysis and Real World Data (RWD) services.

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